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5 Reasons To Build a Deck in Winter: Landscape Design in Vienna, VA

Decks and patios—these home additions are perfect for gathering family and friends together for a party, or for simply sitting outside with a good book. Both of these activities seem best suited to summer, when Vienna and Northern Virginia have some warmer weather. It is true that decks do not get as much use during winter as they do during other times of year, but this does not mean that building a new deck has to wait until spring returns!

In fact, winter is an excellent time to build a deck or patio. Here are a few reasons why you should start your deck construction in Vienna, VA this season:

Lower Humidity

Humidity and wood do not mix well. When a deck is built, the wood or composite materials will need to be exposed to the elements during construction. Too much humidity in the air can damage the wood and compromise the deck or patio’s ability to properly stabilize. The last thing you want is a collapsing patio. Winter’s dry air may be a strain on our skin, but makes for perfect patio construction weather.

Less Mud

Summer in Vienna comes with the potential for a lot of wet weather…and a lot of mud. Too much mud can halt or stop many landscape design projects because it makes digging much more difficult. The hard or even frozen soil found in winter usually will not slow the construction process and can actually give your deck or patio a sturdier foundation.

Landscape Designer Flexibility

During colder months, landscape design contractors tend to have less projects going on. This makes it more likely that your deck construction could start sooner and possibly be finished faster than if you hired a builder in spring or summer. Take advantage of the slower season and start your patio construction during winter!

Potential for Cheaper Materials

This will vary depending on the landscape design company you choose, but some companies offer deals or discounts on materials or service during the winter months. When selecting your landscape design company, look into any current deals they may have for the winter season.

Get Ready for Spring

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of starting your Vienna, VA deck construction during winter is that your project will be done well before the warmer months arrive! If you wait until spring to start your project, the deck will likely not be complete until well into the summer season, leaving you with very little warm weather to enjoy it. Have your deck built over winter to ensure you’re ready to host a great barbecue the second that spring arrives.

Groff Landscape Design: Deck Construction in Vienna, VA

Groff Landscape Design, offering landscape design in Vienna, VA, can build a gorgeous deck or patio for your home during the winter season. Our landscape design experts have the experience and passion to deliver you superior quality work and customer service. From design to construction, we will work toward your patio construction goals at every step of the way.

Build a beautiful deck or patio in time for spring. To get your patio construction in Vienna VA started, view our online portfolio or contact us today!