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7 Types of Landscape Lighting

As the long winter months arrive and Daylights Savings Time begins, it will start getting darker earlier. Now is the time to consider the different types of light fixtures to add to your house so that you can give your house some holiday cheer, as well as keep your family and guests safe as they travel to and from your home.

At Groff Landscape Design in Vienna, VA, we can help you select the right light fixtures and arrangements to accentuate the landscape design of your home. We’re a professional landscaping company that has served the Northern Virginia area since 2007. We’re proud to be recognized as the best landscape design company in Northern Virginia. Below, we provide a number of different types of outdoor landscape lighting available.

What Types of Lighting Are There?

Path Lights

These are the most popular types of landscape lighting. They come in a variety of styles, with some having the added function of being charged by UV rays from the sun during daylight hours. Others are hooked to your home’s electricity through wires that cross throughout the yard. Path lights can be spread out along a walkway or used to frame a space like plants or statues in a garden. They also look nice around a pond or along the outline of your driveway. They are incredibly useful in keeping your children and guests safe from tripping and falling in the dark areas of your property at night.

A more impressive form of path lighting are what are known as bollard lights, which are usually found in parking lots. They appear as standing pillars with a glass or plastic opening near the top and a light installed within. You can place them as a guide around a space to separate a driveway and a yard.

Postmount Lights

Postmount lights are installed on the top of other posts or structures. People usually add these lights to existing features. They’re commonly used for entries, gates, fences, and decks. They can provide excellent key lighting for your central entertainment spaces, or act as guides toward your home or other important areas around your property.

Step Lights

Deck and step lights are used as architectural details as well as safety precautions. These lights are installed directly into a yard’s decking, in between each step, providing a sense of modern decorative design, as well as a clear path from one area of your yard to the next.


Spotlights are those that cast a narrow glare to accentuate different outdoor features, like trees, buildings, and other architectural details. They are usually very bright, making it perfect for you to utilize if you seek to emphasize a specific and unique aspect of your landscape.

Flood Lights 

These are lights that cast a bright and wide glare over a large area, acting stronger than spotlights in a yard. You can use them for creating a stylized space, or as key lights to help keep certain areas of your yard well-lit.

Well Lights

These lights rest within the ground so that they will hardly be noticed in your landscape, creating a seamless lighting design within your yard. It’s a minimal look that can be used to help pedestrians or guests cross an area safely.

Hire Groff Landscaping Design in Vienna, VA, to Install Your Outdoor Landscape Lighting

No matter the design of your space, installing unique outdoor landscape lighting can change the landscape of your yard. When you call on Groff Landscape Design, you will be working with one of the best landscaping design companies in Northern Virginia. Our high-quality design and construction services will ensure your satisfaction and longtime enjoyment of your home’s landscape. Contact us today at (703)-999-8225.