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A Word From Our CVO

Groff is dedicated to delivering comprehensive services with quality craftsmanship and reliable communication.  Because we craft the design and the installation, we can make your vision come to life without any surprises. And, if we’re not the best company for your project, we’ll suggest a different partner for your work.

Groff has become a trusted firm in Northern Virginia because we guarantee our project timeline as well as our contract price. Most of our clients are extremely busy people. Busy people want a low-stress process. They don’t have time to be managing different contractors and watching over every detail of the work. Some contractors are excellent at their craft but don’t deliver a positive and easy experience for the homeowner. That’s what we do best.

The Groff Core Focus is, “To Design & Build A Better Future”.  Whether you’re an employee or a client, we care about you, and we are here for you. If, at any point during the planning or installation process, you have questions, ask us. If there’s something that we can do to improve your experience, tell us. We’re always look for ways to improve and we appreciate your feedback.  Our Team is made up of creative designers and talented craftsmen who are proud of their work – plus they’re all really nice people.

Let’s get planning!

Robert F. Groff
Robert F. Groff
Proud Chief Vision Officer of Groff Landscape Design

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Annual pay of $36k -$75k & benefits including 100% health insurance covered, paid holidays and sick days growth opportunities, a positive & supportive environment, consistent work throughout the year.

* Must have an insurable driver’s license.