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Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia is one of the most vibrant, busy, and engaged communities in the country. Many in our bustling region live near Washington D.C. for work, although areas like Reston and Arlington are becoming popular destinations for the relocating employed. Home to a nationally recognized real estate market, thousands of businesses, institutions of higher learning, renowned public schools, and gorgeous parks, Northern Virginia is a wonderful community that we are proud to serve. Lots range from acres-large farms to cozy lots in more urban areas like Arlington, so we’re excited to practice a wide variety of both job type and scope of work. Learn more about our services in Northern Virginia.


This D.C. suburb is one of the most in-demand housing markets in the area. While densely populated, it affords homeowners easy access to the city, fantastic walkability, as well as easy access to public transportation. Arlington yards are usually smaller than others in Northern Virginia, making them a key element not only for home value and curb appeal, but also for functional entertaining and leisure space. We love working with Arlington homeowners to ensure that they’re getting the most out of their outdoor living space. Creative use of space for outdoor kitchens, fire pits, patios, and plantings is a must in Arlington, and these challenges allow our designers to shine. Learn more about our services in Arlington.


Vienna maintains proximity to Washington D.C. while allowing for larger lot sizes, wooded areas, and plenty of outdoor activities like hiking and biking. The center of town is also walkable, offering DC commuters a convenient mix of urban and suburban lifestyles. Homes in Vienna tend to have larger yards, allowing for spacious patios, pool areas, decks or structures, and more. Other popular projects in Vienna include custom driveways and outdoor lighting installation for longer entries through wooded areas that can be dark at night. Learn more about our services in Vienna.

Great Falls

Great Falls shares its name with the small National Park Service site found in the heart of this D.C. suburb. Named for the white water and waterfalls found on the Potomac River nearby, Great Falls is home to large wooded lots and beautiful natural landscapes. This community has access to fantastic schools, making it a highly sought after residential area for families. Landscape design is very important for larger lots. Creating a space that maximizes natural assets, remains functional, and expands on entertaining and living space is a common objective in this area. Learn more about our services in Great Falls.


Located just past Fairfax, Clifton is a formerly pastoral area steeped in history. Originally known as “Devereux Stataion,” the town name was changed to “Clifton” in 1868. Now a National Historic District, this area has had First Ladies, Supreme Court Justices, and even U.S. Presidents as residents. Large Clifton properties make fantastic “blank canvases” for landscape design. Plantings, tree walls, patios, walkways, lighting, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, decks, & more are all popular additions that can make your Clifton home a sanctuary both inside and out. Learn more about our services in Clifton.

Fairfax Station

Fairfax Station is located right inside of Fairfax County, and is home to many families because of its close proximity to Washington DC.  We understand how busy families can get and how easy it is to forget about your landscape.  We understand this and are experienced in making landscaping extremely simple and easy for families.  When we complete a project, most clients tell us they can’t believe how easy we are to work with.  This is because we decided years ago that we were going to be exceptional at what our competition is terrible at.  Expect legendary communication, organization and transparency.  Expect no (negative) surprises.  We stick to your budget and we have no hidden agendas.  Learn more about our services in Fairfax Station.


Located between Vienna and the Potomac River, McLean is an amazing community with a lot of new homes being developed.  With new homes it can be hard to ensure your dream yard or landscape becomes a reality, without a good plan or team behind it.  That’s why Groff Landscape Design offers both Design Services as well as Installation Services.  Most clients that select us for Design Services enjoy our process so much that they select us for installation services as well.  We find that most clients prefer to use the same firm for both design and installation because it results in a smooth project with better results and better communication.  Learn more about our services in McLean.


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