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Benefits of Gardening with Native Plants in Your Landscape

Native plants are adapted to the soil, temperature, rainfall, and fauna in the area in which they grow. As a result, they provide some benefits to the gardener and local wildlife that non-native plants bought from your local garden store may not. If you’re considering introducing some native plant or any outdoor landscaping projects, you should work with a professional landscape company, like Groff Landscape & Design. We will help guide you through the process, develop an effective plan, and build the backyard of your dreams.

Groff Landscape & Design provides professional landscape design in Great Falls, Virginia. Our experienced team strives to give our community only the best landscaping services according to their specific needs. We genuinely care about improving the outdoor living space for homeowners and are available to help you understand the value of proper landscape design.

Here are just some of the benefits that gardening with native plants can provide:

Low Maintenance

Native plants easily adapt to the surrounding soil and fauna in the area. They are long-lasting and can withstand drought, disease, and are insect resistant. It requires fewer chemicals to maintain these plants.

Attract Local Pollinators

Native plants attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. This is because they rely on the nectar from native plants and butterflies require certain native plants to act as hosts for their larvae.

Assist With Problem Areas In Your Garden

Native plants are meant to help maintain the land and are built for your area’s weather. They can handle excess or not enough water, your regions soil types, and the amount of sunlight you receive. 

Provide Food & Shelter for Native Wildlife

Mixing native plants into your garden can help the wildlife in your area by providing a habitat with food and shelter for birds, small mammals, and more.

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