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Choosing Between A Deck, Patio, or Both

Choosing whether to build a deck, patio, or both can be a challenge when you may not be aware of the number of differences between the two. At Groff Landscape & Design, we can further educate you on the advantages of decks, patios, or both to help you choose what’s best for you and your yard. 


Groff Landscape & Design provides professional landscape design to homeowners in the Great Falls, Virginia area. Our experienced team strives to give our community only the best landscaping services according to their specific needs. We genuinely care about improving your outdoor living space and offer custom landscape design that’s efficient and reliable! Below, we discuss the differences between patios and decks. 

Deck vs Patio, What’s The Difference?

Decks and patios have a few structural differences that you may want to consider before officially choosing the outdoor feature you prefer most. Decks are elevated off the ground and contain railings and stairs. This may be an aspect to keep in mind especially if you have aging relatives that visit your home often. Decks are also usually made of wood or composite materials. 


When it comes to patios, they typically do not have walls or railings and are usually not elevated off the ground. Patios are often made of paved materials like concrete, stone, bricks, or similar materials. 

Pros & Cons

Decks are often larger and elevated off the ground with options to wrap around the house. This will give you a beautiful view from your deck. However, since decks are usually much bigger than patios and require more materials, they can be the pricier option. 


Patios are very versatile, as they can be designed in a variety of sizes, shapes, and layouts. Patio construction may also cost less than deck construction, but the price will depend on the scope of your project.

Groff Landscaping & Design: Exceptional Landscape Design Services In Great Falls, VA

Overall, whether you decide to choose deck construction, patio construction, or both choose Groff Landscape & Design to turn your dream landscape into a reality. No matter what your project is, trust Groff Landscape Design to deliver you quality landscape design services and a beautiful result. Our landscape design experts will help you create a custom outdoor space for your backyard. We will walk you through each step of the landscape design process to help you attain the backyard you’ve always wanted.


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