Four Design Options

We realize some clients are more visual than others.  Starting with our standard ‘Black and White Plan View’ design option, we offer three additional design options to help you feel confident about what your design will look like when it’s installed.


Black and White Plan View

1The black and white plan view option is one that every single one of our clients starts with. It’s our ‘base model’ if you will. It’s the least expensive option and all other options are based off of this. For people whom have a difficult time visualizing what these would look like, you may want to supplement this with one or more of the design options.


Color Rendered Plan View

2We believe that few will find this option as the biggest value.  Some clients like this option because they help to more clearly show the delineation between plant beds, lawn and hardscaping elements.  One thing that is important to note is that these colors are conceptual.  The colors will not translate to the exact colors for the plants installed.


3D Images

3This is not for everybody but if you are somebody that has a very difficult time visualizing your landscape in plan view (birds-eye-view), this may be a very valuable tool for you.  This is also very helpful for those projects that have significant elevation change.

3D Video

44When you are making a large purchase and you really want to make sure the plan we have created together is as great as you think it is, this is a great way to “feel the space” you are about to create.  It may help calm your nerves and ensure you that you are making the correct decisions to meet your goals.

Don't Need a Design?

If you already have a design or feel you don’t need your design, please contact us with your current plans and/or ideas so that we can review them and possibly provide an estimate to you for the installation of your project.