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Landscape Design

We believe our design process is the best you can find and can conform to almost any Fairfax Station homeowner needs.  Whether you need a simple walkway or a full property master plan juggling a broad array of elements, we have a process that is low-stress, goal oriented and crafted around your short-term and long term-goals.  Here is what the process looks like:

After initial contact, we will schedule a phone consultation between you and one of our Landscape Architects.  We’ll be asking you a wide range of questions starting with where you are located and what your timeline goals are.  Once we get through the basics to ensure we are a great fit for you, we’ll ask you for your goals, priorities, problems, property strengths, property weaknesses and what you are looking for from us. Learn more about Landscape Design in Fairfax Station.

Fire Pits

Almost every client that calls our office is interested in a fire feature of some kind for their Fairfax Station, VA home.  Whether it be a fire pit, fire table or chimney, people are enchanted with the idea of sitting around an open flame with family and friends.  Most clients have an idea of what they are looking for but are unaware of all of the options available to them.  It’s also very difficult to have an expectation of cost unless you’ve been through this process before. Fairfax Station, VA fire pit installation is something of a specialty for us. Learn more about fire pit installation in Fairfax Station, VA.

Landscape Lighting Installation

Out of all of the outdoor project elements that we successfully design and install, outdoor lighting is frequently the most popular project for Fairfax Station homeowners.  Not only does it extend the aesthetic appeal of your landscape from only daylight hours into a 24/7 attraction, it also adds a certain ambiance to your home. Learn more about Landscape Installation in Fairfax Station, VA.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens have become a very popular luxury item for many families.  They can take many different shapes and forms and therefore many different cost price points which may make it of value to you as a home owner. 

The first logical step is to determine and prioritize what components you want on your outdoor kitchen.  You may be somebody that simply wants a nice grill and some countertop space.  Conversely you may want a sink, refrigerator, raised bar, side burner, etc.  Making this new space perfectly compatible both with your Fairfax Station, VA home and your entertaining or cooking needs is a priority. Learn more about outdoor kitchen construction in Fairfax Station, VA.


In order to plan your new patio properly, there are a lot of things for us to consider. The first step is to consult with your local municipality and HOA to make sure we plan the patio within the local building guidelines. Believe it or not, several of our local municipalities have lot coverage restrictions that won’t allow you to have a patio. In many cases, we can plan around these guidelines. Our vast experience constructing patios in Fairfax Station makes us a valuable resource for this phase. Learn more about patio construction in Fairfax Station, VA.


Just like with patios the first set to planning your deck, is to consult with your local municipality and HOA to make sure the deck is planned within the building guidelines.  These guidelines may concern building setbacks, height restrictions, lot coverage thresholds and other varies regulatory obstacles. 

The second step is to determine spatially what you and your family need to achieve your goals.  How will you use this deck?  What type of furniture will be placed on the deck?  Who are you entertaining on an average day?  Will there be a grill, smoker, green egg, potted plants, party lights, decorative lights, electrical outlets, etc? There are lots of questions that must be answered before starting a deck.  All of our experience makes us a perfect fit for ensure everything is asked and taken care of before construction.  Learn more about deck construction in Fairfax Station, VA.