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Four Tips to Prepare Your Landscape for Spring

As the outside of your home is beginning to thaw from this chilly winter, this means it is time to start thinking about your landscape. It’s important to know what you have to tend to after this past season, since it significantly impacts the shape of your front and back yard as the spring weather approaches.

At Groff Landscape Design, we know that every landscape requires a great amount of care and attentiveness, especially during the spring. Our Great Falls landscape design experts examine a variety of details to determine the condition of a particular landscape, then provide quick, easy solutions to any issue that arises. Below are a few tips to help you produce a thriving landscape this spring:

Clean Up Fall & Winter Debris

The first thing you should do to prep your landscape is brush off what the winter swept on.  Clean up all the debris including leaves, twigs, and branches scattered around your landscape from the previous fall and winter seasons. This will clear up your landscape to give you a better sense of its condition and make it easier for when you start doing the heavier yard work.

Use Fertilizer

As early as you can, make sure that you start spreading a mixture of fertilizer, weed-killer, and pre-emergent, an herbicide that prevents the growth of crabgrass. It’s recommended to spread these again after six to eight weeks to ensure that the right plants grow and the wrong sort doesn’t.

Cut & Trim

Start cutting your grass as soon as the green of spring starts rolling in. Doing so every five days for the first six weeks of spring will sustain a healthy growth process, creating a lush, full lawn.

Also, check for dead branches still attached to your trees before the leaves start to bud, since it will be easier to identify them from the healthier ones by then. Then, avoid unnecessary damage or injury by trimming them before they become a hazard and fall off.

Don’t Seed

It will be counterintuitive to plant seeds as you will be treating your landscape with pre-emergent and weed killer as they are herbicidal. Therefore, it won’t let your seeds germinate over the spring. Instead, your fertilizer will regrow all the plants that you have. If you aren’t quite sure how to approach preparing your landscape for spring, consider working together with Groff Landscape Design for expert landscaping assistance.

Choose Groff Landscape Design to Enhance Your Landscape in Great Falls, VA

The above are just a few of the ways you can make sure your landscape is prepared to grow green and luxuriant during the spring. What makes Groff Landscape Design the best landscape design company to work with in Great Falls, as well as the Northern Virginia area, is our dedication and variety of services we provide to boost the design and health of every landscape we work on. We will take the time to listen to your concerns to help your landscape stay in great condition year round.

We look forward to keeping your landscape in great shape! Contact us at (703) 999-8225 to receive our excellent design and installation services.