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Great Patio Construction Ideas for Summer

Patios are very versatile and unique additions to any landscaping. Patios are almost endlessly customizable, with many materials, sizes, and shapes to choose from. Narrowing down all of your options and deciding how you want to construct your patio can be difficult, however.

The specialists at Groff Landscape Design are here to help! With our patio construction services, we can go over your landscaping goals and budget to create the right patio for your needs. Our team has the knowledge and experience to guide you at every step during the patio design and construction process.

In a recent blog, we reviewed common patio shapes and sizes. In this blog, we list some creative ways to build and use your patio:

Connected to Deck

When constructing a patio, get the best of both worlds by building a patio next to your ground-level deck. This allows you to offset part of your yard and give both your deck and patio a set purpose. Try using the deck as your grilling zone, and place a dining table and chairs on the connected patio. Or fill the deck with furniture to lounge around on, and put a fire pit on the adjacent patio. There are so many great ways that you can combine decks and patios to really make you yard your own. 

Stand-Alone Patio

Building an unattached patio somewhere in your yard also offers a variety of opportunities. A stand-alone patio near the back of your yard is a great way to create some private seating where you can enjoy soaking up the sun or quietly reading a book. Stand-alone patios are also good candidates for outdoor dining, firepits, or grills. Install a walkway leading to your patio for added style and convenience. Stand-alone patios can be square, rectangular, circular, or freeform, so you can choose the shape that really complements your landscaping style.

Beneath a Deck

Another way to make the most of a deck-patio combination is to build a patio beneath an upper level deck. 2nd-level decks automatically serves as an awning to the ground level of the home, so why not make the most of that protected space and add a ground-level patio? Set up some outdoor furniture to create a peaceful outdoor living space. Or, for a more functional purpose, store some of your yard maintenance equipment on your patio to keep it mostly out of sight.

Next to a Pool

If you have a pool or want to install one for your yard, patios are a great accompanying surface to build next to it for both extra style and safety. Choose a non-slip hardscape material such as flagstone to ensure that wet feet don’t go sliding when people get out of the pool. A patio will also protect your lawn from being overwatered and dying.

Start Your Patio Construction Today!

Groff Landscape Design has an impressive portfolio of many beautiful patio construction projects we’ve completed for our Northern Virginia clients. No matter what size, shape, or style of patio you envision for your landscaping, we can help you bring it to life. Our landscaping specialists have decades of experience transforming people’s yards into outdoor living spaces they love.

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