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How to Create a Minimalistic Landscape

When it comes to yard updates and placement of certain features, sometimes it’s best to work with someone who is professionally experienced with landscapes. Nowadays, there are many people constantly moving from place to place and having a minimalist mindset can help decrease unnecessary items and overcrowding. Taking a minimalistic approach can help lower your daily expenses and eliminate clutter in your personal spaces, including your outdoor living area. 

If you’re looking for a dependable company that will help you plan a functional landscape design in Northern Virginia, then get in touch with our professional team at Groff Landscape Design. As a locally-owned company, we take the time to create a landscape that works best for you and your family. Whatever styles you prefer, whether minimal or exuberant, we provide landscape design options that you can customize to your exact needs. To inspire you, below we discuss how to create a minimalistic landscape:

Minimalistic Landscape Features 

When it comes to minimalism, you’re usually expected to use limited resources. Usually, when you’re trying to design a landscape with a minimalist appearance in mind, you want to remain aware of how much you’re adding to the area. Creating a clutter-free space may be challenging to do, but with the right designer to help you, it can be pulled off effortlessly. 

Adding and Rearranging Plants in Your Garden Area

When you’re choosing which plants to add to your yard, it’s recommended that you choose ones that are native to your area. Non-native plants outside of the area are more susceptible to diseases and need extra care and attention to survive. Local plants are low maintenance and can be designed as the main focus or may support another feature in your landscape.

Modest Furniture

When it comes to picking out furniture for your minimalistic landscape, simplicity is key. A neutral-colored piece can complement your yard and add that bit of color to your aesthetic. A white table with tan chairs would stand out against the greenery in your yard. A brown outdoor sectional has the potential to be decorated with accent pillows throughout each season. You have a variety of options to choose from, but choosing one accent color is key so it doesn’t clash too much with the natural green of your landscape. 


As we’ve previously mentioned, minimalism is low maintenance. If you are concerned with having too much grass to mow, then you can opt for alternative grasses. You can also use stones to replace or reduce the amount of grass coverage in your yard. This can help you save money on seeds and fertilizer each spring season. 

Groff Landscape Design: Professional Landscape Design in Northern VA

At Groff Landscape Design, we have professional landscapers whose goal is to make your landscape design look exquisite to your tastes and preferences. As an experienced landscape design company in Northern VA, we work hard to ensure that each of our customers is satisfied with their new landscape. If you are interested in learning more about a minimalistic style for your yard, please feel free to reach out to us so we can help you with your landscape design and build project. 

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