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How to Enhance Your Home Aesthetic with Outdoor Lighting

After spending a great deal of time and effort into designing and modeling one’s ideal home, one aspect that is often forgotten is how well it is lit on the outside. Next to ensuring that others can see your home whether it is day or night, the right landscape lighting design can serve a variety of functions for your home that help make it safer, more attractive, and easier for your family and guests to traverse.

For assistance in creating beautiful lighting arrangements and other landscaping projects, work together with Groff Landscape Design. Our numerous satisfied clients from Arlington, VA and across the Northern Virginia area will describe our services as excellent. Whether it is because our design ethic is based on open communication and collaboration, or that our teams quickly and expertly construct a variety of landscapes, our customers have shown a deep and lasting appreciation for our work, which is what we enjoy most about our business. Below, we provide our recommendations for adding outdoor lighting to your home’s landscape design:

Illuminating Pathways

Most single-family homes have multiple entrances, from the front door, the back door to the basement, another from the inside the garage, and perhaps another from your backyard deck or porch. One way to both improve your home’s appearance, as well as make it more accessible, is by placing adequate light fixtures nearby, such as along the sides of your walkway to the front door, backyard, or beside the driveway. This will make it easier to enter and exit your home, as well as provide a charming touch to your landscape during evening gatherings and nighttime parties.

Mood & Ambiance

Similarly in lighting pathways to your home’s entrances, a well-arranged configuration of lights around areas in the front and rear of your home can help embellish their appearance and emphasize the right mood. For example, a great number of bright lights makes a livelier setting for nighttime get-togethers on the back porch, while fewer and dimmer lights can create a more intimate scene where you and the family can spend time together.

Accenting Landscapes

A great landscape can be appreciated at night, just as it is in the daytime, with the proper lighting. Additionally, the right lighting arrangement can accentuate your landscape, perhaps making it look more attractive than it does during the day.  One method we use is positioning lights near the most prominent aspects of a client’s landscaping, such as trees, planters, and fountains, adjusting their lights to make them appear more captivating and inviting.

Safety & Security

Lighting is not purely for aesthetics and ambiance, but also functions as a measure of making your home safer. As previously mentioned, you can place lights that lead to the various entrances to your home, as well next to or on each step of any staircase you may have. This will ensure that guests with limited or troubled mobility can safely enter and exit you home, as well as prevent any trips or accidental falls. Lighting is also known to be a preventative measure in deterring theft or other crimes from occurring, especially if you install motion-sensor lighting.

Get A Beautiful Landscape Lighting Design in Arlington, VA

Lights can serve our homes as well on the outside as they do indoors, especially during the spring and summer months. They provide a variety of functions, from keeping your home safe, to enhancing its design. Creating the perfect layout for a landscape lighting design can take quite a bit of time and effort but can be made easier by hiring an experienced group of landscaping experts, like Groff Landscape Design, in Northern VA.

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