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Is A Water Feature Installation Right for Your Home Landscape Design?

There are as many ways to enhance the appearance of your landscape as there are a number of ideas your own vision can produce. However, no other adornment to your landscape is more effective and appealing than a water feature installation. An installation such as a water feature comes in numerous forms that can fit the preferred style of any homeowner’s landscaping. To ensure that your installation is both high in quality and professionally handled, consider hiring an expert landscape design company.

As one of the best landscape design companies in Great Falls, VA, our craftsmen at Groff Landscape Design can assist you in sourcing the materials and constructing your ideal water feature. We have spent over 12 years serving clients in the Northern Virginia area, creating landscape additions that fit each individual’s needs and desired, including patios, decks, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and many more. Here is our information on adding a water feature installation to your landscape:

What is a Water Feature?

Simply put, a water feature is any design element in your landscape that involves water. This includes pools, fountains, ponds, waterfalls, and streams. Almost all of them are composed of a reservoir of water, also called a sump, along with a pump that forced the water through the pipes running water from and back to the sump.  

What Types of Water Features Can I Install?

Each water feature has their own functional and aesthetic purpose. Here’s a list of our favorites:


A pool is fun and highly-attractive addition to your backyard landscaping. It encourages you and your family to spend time outside, keeping up an active lifestyle, and staying cooling during the long hot summer. At Groff Landscape Design, we will help you design the pool of your dreams down to the exact style and specifications your property requires.


A fountain is a strong, but economical choice for a water feature in your yard. The gushing or bubbling sounds that it emits can create a serene and relaxed atmosphere as your lounge or entertain guests on your deck or patio nearby. Fountains also come in a range of different shapes, styles, materials, and designs, such as a beautiful stone vase or a bulky, core-drilled boulder. Our landscape design experts can help you select, source, and construct the perfect fountain within your budget and vision.


Similarly to a fountain, a pond placed next to a deck or patio can create a cool, exotic ambiance in your yard. You can incorporate it into the arrangement of other elements in order to create a truly unique ecosystem in your landscape. For example, blending natural stone with water lilies and palm plants surrounding a koi pond can create a tropical escape in your own backyard.

Groff Landscape Design: Remarkable Landscape Design in Great Falls, VA

A water feature installation makes for a stunning addition to any homeowner’s landscape. In order to properly design, organize, and build one, seek a company of experts like Groff Landscape Design. For over a decade, we have helped clients in Great Falls and throughout Northern Virginia create amazing landscape designs, from intricate water features to expansive decks patios and plant arrangement. Our craftsmen meet ensure they meet all expectations through open communication with you in every step of the construction process.

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