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Low-Maintenance Landscaping: Tips for Spectacular Landscape Design on a Tight Schedule

Many enjoy the look of a well-manicured landscaping project. However, not many enjoy the required upkeep and maintenance. Northern VA landscape design can be very time consuming, especially as spring arrives and brings weeds and unintended plant growth. Considering many people find it challenging to keep up with landscaping maintenance in their busy lives, here are some ideas for low-maintenance landscaping in Northern VA:

Low Maintenance Landscaping Tips

Use rocks: Many use rocks in Northern VA landscape design for the earthy appeal they give. However, rocks also have other benefits. Rocks can prevent overgrowth and keep landscaping lines clean and neat. They are virtually maintenance free and last for an extremely long time. Rocks can be used as decorative measures, or they can be used to effortlessly outline a walkway in your yard.

Use objects as color pops instead of flowers: Flowers are often integral parts of landscaping design. However, they also require lots of upkeep and potential replanting. Flowers are beautiful, but they can be quite difficult to manage. We recommend using objects such as brightly colored chairs, stools, tables and benches to add a pop of color to your yard for Northern VA low maintenance landscaping.

Use synthetic grass: This option is perfect for people with absolutely no time on their hands to regularly water and mow their lawns. The only effort needed for synthetic grass is installation. After that, pets and children can’t mess it up and it needs no trimming or watering.

Use stone pathways: Grass maintenance is often the most tedious of Northern VA landscape design. If you want to cut down on grass maintenance, use stone pathways. Stone pathways add a lovely touch to your yard. They provide a clear pathway without getting feet or clothing dirty as you might in the grass. Also, stone pathways need virtually no upkeep or maintenance.

Use automatic irrigation systems: Automatic irrigation systems water your landscape so you don’t have to remember to. These are extremely beneficial for the spring and summer months, when your Northern VA landscape design needs the most hydration. Automatic irrigation systems take the guesswork and labor out of your Northern VA low maintenance landscape design projects.

Want Low-Maintenance Landscaping?

The professionals at Groff Landscaping Design are your Northern VA low maintenance landscape design experts. We can help you both design and install your chosen project. We also specialize in hardscaping. This means we are also adept at projects such as installing patios, walkways, pathways, driveways, retaining walls, fire pits, low-voltage landscape lighting, drainage solutions, etc. We offer full landscape design visuals in four different options: black and white plan views, color rendered plan views, 3D images, and 3D videos. If you are interested in our services, please contact us or call us at (703) 999-8225.