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Northern Virginia Autumn Gardening & Landscape Maintenance Tips

Whether you are ready to plant new fall plants or prepare for winter, autumn is the perfect time to accomplish all of your garden and landscape maintenance goals. The weather isn’t too hot and not only will you benefit from keeping your landscape intact and beautiful this season, but your garden will thrive and be healthy too!

Groff Landscape Design provides a variety of stress-free landscape design and installation services in Northern Virginia according to your fall landscaping needs. We serve cities all throughout the Northern Virginia area from Vienna, Great Falls, Fairfax, and other surrounding cities. Our landscape design professionals care and are here to help ensure your landscape is in quality-shape this autumn season. While you plan your landscape design project, here are some fall gardening and maintenance tips below to get your current landscape aesthetic ready for the beautiful fall weather.

Curb Appeal

What are your guests’ first impressions upon arriving at your home? Amp up your curb appeal by doing simple tasks such as mowing and reseeding the lawn, testing your soil, and picking up excess fall foliage. Most public libraries provide free soil tests. Be sure to call your local library in advance to see if they have them in stock. Fertilizing your lawn around November will also increase stronger root growth during colder temperatures.

Turning the Mulch

Avoid weeds and maintain the moisture in your soil by applying a layer of mulch in your garden. Doing this in the fall will help keep your garden alive and well just in time for winter. To save money on mulch, you can also create your own mulch by mowing over fallen leaves on your yard, piling the remains together, and spreading it around your garden.

Planting Perennials & Replacing Annuals

Fall is perfect for planting perennial bulbs because the temperature is just right and bulbs will be ready to bloom in the springtime. Swap out your withered summer annuals for fall annuals. This will boost your fall curb appeal points for any guests you host at your home this season. Promote plant health by wrapping shrubs with twine to help keep their shape and remove any dead or diseased branches to keep your plants healthy.

Work With Groff Landscape Design for Your Next Fall Landscape Design Project in Northern Virginia

For a more transformative landscape, contact Groff Landscape Design in Northern Virginia to help redesign your landscape with our professionals landscape design/build services. Make your fall landscaping endeavors simply by working with a qualified Northern Virginia landscape design professional. We provide low-stress landscape design services ranging from patio and outdoor kitchen construction, plantings, decks and more. The Groff Landscape Design team will make sure you are provided with quality landscape design services to suit your home needs.

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