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Dining, dancing or just sitting under the stars – our patios are the foundation to live your life outdoors. More than just functional, stone, brick and/or concrete patios define your space and are guaranteed to last.

Pools & Water Features

Make a splash by adding a pool to your yard. Depending on your elevations, we could install an infinity edge or something more traditional. Look at some of the pools other Groff families are enjoying.

Decks & Structures

Decks & Structures

Dining, dancing or just sitting under the stars – our decks are the foundation to your life outdoors. More than just functional wood or synthetic decks define your space and are guaranteed to last.

Kitchens & Bar Tops

Whether you’re an aspiring grill master or simply want to lean against the bar top on a warm summer day, we can craft the experience you’re looking for. Extend your home lifestyle into the back yard.



Extend your living space, create curb appeal or enhance the views from your favorite window. Whether you’re a gardener or a busy professional looking without gardening desires, we’re here to design and build around your needs.


Extend your day into the evening with a well-lit space to entertain family and friends. Good lighting makes entrances more inviting and enhances the beauty of structural features.


Fire Features

People love to gather around the fire. Adding a fire feature will heat up your nights.

Petscaping & Playsets

We can help you accommodate ALL family members including the kids and your furry four-legged friends.


The nicest way to get from place to place is along a well-designed path. Walkways are important functional design for every yard plan.


Our designs draw water away from your house. Because the only water features you want are ones that have been planned. We keep your home and outdoor space safe from standing water.

Walls & Seating

Whether you need to retain soil or create more seating around your patio, we build retaining walls that function forever and integrate into your outdoor space seamlessly.

Why Choose Groff?

Annual pay of $36k -$75k & benefits including 100% health insurance covered, paid holidays and sick days growth opportunities, a positive & supportive environment, consistent work throughout the year.

* Must have an insurable driver’s license.