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The Difference Between Contemporary & Modern Landscape Design

The terms modern and contemporary are often interchanged with each other but have entirely different meanings. While modern and contemporary landscape designs can be similar in regards to certain style aspects, they both have their own unique characteristics that strictly distinguish one from the other. No matter what style you choose, an experienced landscape design company in Arlington, VA can ensure that you receive the most out of your professional landscaping experience.

Groff Landscape Design makes it our mission to provide the best landscape design services to homeowners in the Northern VA area. We make sure that there’s a strong line of communication between our team and the homeowner to make sure they are comfortable with each landscape design choice that is implemented into their home. To help you decide which landscape design will work best for your home, we have provided the differences between modern and contemporary landscape design below.

The Defining Characteristics of Modern Landscape

Modern landscapes have an emphasis on a specific time period, early to mid-twentieth century, which incorporates clean, sharp edges with simple materials. The materials used in modern landscape designs can be either concrete or metal structures. With a tasteful combination of both of these aspects, modern landscapes are able to use more crisp lines, symmetry, and a more neutral color palette. One of the main reasons why modern and contemporary landscapes are used synonymously is because contemporary landscape designs will borrow style aspects from a variety of different time periods rather than from only one.

The Defining Characteristics of Contemporary Landscape

Contemporary landscapes often refer to various landscape styles and current design trends. The contemporary landscape design uses what is currently available in your yard and expanding on those features. Current features such as native trees and hardscapes are brought out by sprucing up or enhancing the spaces around it, which can also be considered as minimalistic. Contemporary landscapes are often green-friendly as it uses more natural materials and helps to maintain a sustainable environment. Current contemporary landscape designs also utilize geometric shapes and patterns that are conveyed through hardscapes and plantings.

Groff Landscape Design: The Best Contemporary & Modern Landscape Services in Northern VA

While both modern and contemporary landscape designs have their benefits, it truly depends what style appeals to you most. Groff Landscape Design in Arlington, Virginia understands that designing and constructing an efficient landscape design isn’t as easy as it looks. Our team cares to help residents improve their landscape’s functionality and overall appearance by providing quality landscape design services. Our landscape design company is efficient and able to obtain the required resources to create the landscape you’ve always wanted. Many residents choose  to work with our experienced team because we are dedicated to making a landscape suit every one of their needs.

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