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What Patio Shape & Size is Right for Me?

A patio makes for an addition that enhances both beauty and utility in your landscape. It can be used for a variety of purposes, but the one constant is that it has to fit with the space your property can allow. However, this doesn’t limit your design in the slightest.

With a team of professional patio construction experts like Groff Landscape Design, you can create a patio that matches perfectly with both your home’s space and style, and your own personal design preferences. Below, we discuss some of the aspects you should consider before you plan your own patio construction:


There aren’t necessarily any limitations on the size of one’s patio, except for the amount of space that is available for one in your yard. The first thing you should do is measure out the dimensions of the potential space where you want the patio to be built. Also, think about the sort of functions it would serve, or if you’re considering hosting gatherings on it, as these reasons may attribute to your decision. For example, if your ideal patio is meant to be a personal space for you and your significant other to spend time outdoors, then you’ll likely build a smaller-sized patio. And of course, it goes without saying that the size you choose will also directly determine your total cost of construction.


The way your patio appears has much to do with its shape. There are normally three styles of patio shapes that homeowners choose from: square, round, and free-form. Each expresses a different style that includes an array of design choices and has various functions as well.


A square patio is often the best for a larger, more spacious addition, allowing for you to invite numerous guests for a comfortable outdoor get-together. With straight lines and sharp-edges, this style creates a sleek, clean-cut appearance for your yard, which meshes well with a home that has a formal, modern design.


Round patios draw people towards them, often with a fountain, firepit, or circular dining set as its centerpiece. With curves instead of angles, round patios also tend to feel more cohesive with the landscape around it. Homeowners that like this shape often choose either a full- circle or half-circle patio shape, depending on how they want to separate or attach the patio to the side of their home.


Free-form patios are just that – free of form. They are often asymmetrical in design, cast in unusual shapes of uneven curved edges or erratic angles, adding an informal, relaxed style to your landscape.

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There are many factors for you to consider when it comes to adding a patio to your landscape. If you are a homeowner in Clifton, VA and you are thinking of building a patio, hire a group of experienced craftsman that regularly perform efficient and quality patio construction services, as well as a range of other hardscape and softscape projects. Through open-collaboration and communication, Groff Landscape Design has the ability to personalize every detail of a client’s project. Our dedicated craftsmen can quickly and accurately complete your project to your exact specifications and are flexible enough to make changes for any adjustments as necessary.

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