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What to Consider When Redesigning Your Driveway

One of the most important factors for houses is their curb appeal. You want your home to always look presentable, so your guests find it attractive and welcoming. An upgraded driveway is a great way to improve curb appeal, as driveways are more important to your home’s aesthetic than you may think. The basic function of a driveway is to park your cars and have a more private access to your home, but homeowners may not see that they also have the freedom to change their curb appeal with all the possible driveway design options.

When deciding to install a new driveway, you must consider that driveways can come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. With our high-quality and dependable service, Groff Landscape Design in Northern Virginia can ensure you’ll be happy with your new driveway and upgraded curb appeal. Here are some factors to think about when deciding to redo your driveway.


Driveways are known to be commonly made of either concrete or asphalt. Homeowners don’t realize the wide variety of driveway materials to consider when getting a new one installed, including brick, stone, tile, pavers, cobblestone, gravel, or even grass. There can also sometimes be driveways made from recycled materials. The options to choose from are endless, allowing the opportunity to be creative and add a unique touch to your property.


Picking your new driveway design doesn’t stop at the type of material, because the color of your driveway can also be altered. Common color-schemes seen for driveways are earth tones, shades of grey, and those few multi colored ones. Keep in mind that some driveways can also be painted, commonly concrete ones. So, when choosing a color for a new driveway, think about what color scheme you want based on the colors of your house’s exterior and decide how eye catching you want it to be.

Shape and Layout

There is a lot to contemplate when it comes to deciding the design and layout of your driveway. Think about what function you want it to have, such as the space and amount of parking available. Maybe your house in Northern Virginia has a garage or carport that is located at the back of your house instead of on the side. Maybe you don’t have one at all. Also consider your property’s terrain. Is it on a hill or there are any obstacles your driveway must avoid, like trees and boulders?

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