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Why Start A Deck Construction Project This Season

Arlington, VA has one of the highest in-demand housing markets in the area due to its proximity to the nation’s capital. Although the yards for most Arlington homes are smaller than others in Northern Virginia, this doesn’t stop them from being a key role in increasing the value of one’s home and outdoor living space. One of the most popular outdoor living features for homes in Virginia are decks and fall is the best time for scheduling deck constructions!

Here at Groff Landscape Design, our team strives for every customer to get the most out of their outdoor living space, and a good place to start is with constructing a new deck in their yard. Now you might be asking, ”why should I start a deck construction project now?” Here are a few more reasons why you should start your deck construction project now instead of later:

Favorable Ground and Weather Conditions

Starting a deck construction project in the fall will result in minimal damage to your landscape compared to constructing during other seasons. The spring and summer seasons have a variety of unfavorable conditions such as rainy weather that results in wet turf, which can make it a challenge to properly schedule and construct a deck. The fall season typically has stable weather with bearable temperatures and is perfect for building a new deck.

Fall is An Off-Season For Construction Projects

Spring and summer are considered peak seasons for just about any construction project. If you build your deck during the fall, you are more likely to have your project finished at a faster rate than during peak seasons. Most people want to build their decks during the seasons that they plan to use it, which results in much of the season is spent on construction. When everyone has spring and summer in mind for starting a landscape installation project, then it becomes difficult to schedule an appointment with a contractor for the time period that you would like to have your deck built. Why wait until spring when your deck can be ready for you now?

Enjoy Your Deck Before Spring Comes!

When most people think of using a deck for entertaining purposes, it’s almost always during the spring or summer when the temperature rises. But why use your deck for only half of the year? There’s no reason why you can’t use your deck during fall and winter too. There are many ways to enjoy the fall and winter nights on a deck—whether it be roasting food over an open fire or enjoying the landscape outside, your deck is there for you all year long.

Build the Perfect Deck in Arlington, VA with Groff Landscape Design!

Bring the deck of your dreams and design ideas to Groff Landscape Design and our will make sure that it becomes a reality. Groff Landscape & Design has served the Northern Virginia area for many years with quality deck construction services. Our clients in cities like Arlington, VA know that we are serious about making sure they are happy with their decks and any landscape projects that we work with them on. Contact us today with your landscape design inquiries at (703) 999-8225!